Seek and Answer

If you want, you can team up with someone to find and interpret your sources. BUT you must ALL be present and contributory for the searches AND you must write up the answers on your own. If these requirements are not met, I will consider this academic dishonesty and you will be heavily penalized.

To help you develop your information literacy skills and to develop your curiosity in the field of health psychology, you will complete six "Seek and Answer" activities. 


You will need to answer each question using two sources.


The first is a "layman's" source. For example, you might try simply googling the question. These are sources that pretty much anyone would have access to - and require little to no specialized training or knowledge (beyond high school) to understand. Do not use NIH webpages as your layman's source. These are sites that start with


The second is a "peer-reviewed" source. To find these, log onto the SUU library website. Use EbscoHost to search the Medline and PsychInfo databases. I will show you how to use these. If you miss this class or require more help, visit one of the SUU librarians. Note: be sure to filter your results so you only retrieve the "scholarly" sources.