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Seek and Answer Questions

1.  When and how is acute stress harmful vs helpful?


2.  Does THC reduce stress?

3.  Does CBD reduce stress?

4.  How do we detect and treat stress in young children?

5.  What effect did/is the pandemic having on stress in children?

6.  What is student burnout and how is it treated and prevented?

7.  What role does the HPA axis play in PTSD?

8.  Who copes better with stress, introverts or extraverts?

9.  Does THC reduce pain?

10.  Does CBD reduce pain?

11.  What is the biological mechanism through which emotional hurt (e.g. a broken heart) produces physical pain?

12.  Why and/or how does prolonged sitting and sedentary behavior produce or exacerbate pain?

13.  How does nutrition mediate cortisol levels?

14.  What are some ways to boost self-esteem and self-efficacy?

15.  How does mental illness affect pain perception?

16.  What is the relationship between gut microbiota and pain?

17.  What does recent research say about who has a lower pain threshold - men or women?

18.  Can TENS reduce labor pain and if so, how does this work?

19.  Do transgender people use coping techniques that align more with their genetic sex or their gender identity?

20.  How can we learn to be more resilient?


Your question must be approved by me before you get going.

21.  What are the "unique" stressors and coping strategies like for ethnic/racial minorities living in the United States?


22.  What are the "unique" stressors and coping strategies like for elderly individuals?

23.  What evidence do we have for certain foods decreasing inflammation and thereby reducing pain?

24.  What is the psychological contribution to fibromyalgia?

25.  In what ways are ethnic/racial minorities treated differently when it comes to pain management and why?

26.  In what ways are men and women treated differently for pain?

27.  Is the etiology of PTSD the same in men and women?

28.  Through what mechanism(s) are placebos believed to reduce pain?

29.  What is the relationship between stress and infertility in human males and females?

30.  How can we nurture a healthy internal locus of control?

31.  What are the risks associated with taking anxiolytics to control stress and anxiety?

32.  In what ways does stress affect the aging process from a bio-psycho-social perspective

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