Brain and Behavior Human Lab 3


Meeting location: GC 310b at 3:00 pm (group A) 4:30 pm (group B)

In this lab, you will learn how to clean up (i.e. remove noise and other artifacts from EEG signals), how to run a Fast Fourier analysis on the EEG recording, and finally, how to extract the data we need to run a power analysis.

Before we adjourn:

1.  We will divide the class into 3 equal groups and assign room numbers for testing next week

2.  We will review the requirement that each group needs to bring 2

male and 2 female participants to next week's lab.

3.  A google sheet has been set up for you to enter your participants' names into the available time slots (from 4:00-5:30) for next week. 

click here

Be VERY careful not to double book participants for a given room and time slot!