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Statistics Class

Disclaimers and Legal Ease


Information contained in this syllabus, other than the grading, late assignments, makeup work, and attendance policies, may be subject to change with advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World


Through study in the sciences and mathematics


Focused by engagement with big questions, such as how do we know something to be “true” based on research data?

Personal and Social Responsibility


including: civic knowledge,  foundations and skills for lifelong learning, ethical reasoning and action


Anchored through extensive discussion on the ethical interpretation, use, and reporting of statistical findings

Integrative and Applied Learning


including: synthesis and advanced accomplishment across general and specialized studies


Demonstrated through the application of statistical knowledge and skills to new and complex research scenarios

Intellectual and Practical Skills 


including: inquiry and analysis,  critical and creative thinking, quantitative literacy,  information literacy, and problem-solving


Practiced extensively through the application of statistical concepts to realistic research problems on assignments, quizzes, and tests

Legal Ease

Use of AI in this class: I do not ask many questions that are purely "calculations". As such, I do not "think" AI will be useful. You are welcome to try HOWEVER, you will NOT be permitted to use AI on progress tests or the final exam. So even if AI can be used on the other "stuff", I suggest you don't use it. You need to learn and practice how to come up with the correct answers yourself. If you don't, you will likely not to well on tests - and potentially fail the class.

The link below will take you to SUU's position on: Academic Integrity, ADA, Emergency Management, HEOA Compliance, LINK, and SUUSA. 

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