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Stress and Pain

Disclaimers and Legal Ease


Information contained in this syllabus, other than the grading, late assignments, makeup work, and attendance policies, may be subject to change with advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Essential Learning Outcomes


Legal Ease

IUse of A.I.  You may use AI on the SARA project as a means of generating attractive slides and ideas for the content. However, user beware. AI will sometimes fabricate sources (e.g. articles). You MUST read the articles you use, so you should catch this. To make sure, I require everyone to submit a screenshot of the first page of every article they use. You may also use AI to help you with your writing on other projects (i.e. activity reflections and the self-assessment project). Ultimately, you are responsible for the accuracy of the things you turn in. Blind and uncritical use of AI could result in a lower grade than what you would have received without it.

The link below will take you to SUU's position on: Academic Integrity, ADA, Emergency Management, HEOA Compliance, LINK, and SUUSA. 

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