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Statistics Class

Course Prereqs & Reqs

Pre-requisites:  PSY1010 with a grade of C or higher. PSY2010 must be taken before or at the same time as PSY3010

Co-requisites:  PSY3015

Just like a photographer needs a camera and an artist needs a paintbrush - you will need:

1. a computer (desktop or laptop) with decent memory so that you can run several programs at once such as: Excel, Canvas, and SPSS (see below).


2. a reliable internet connection

3. the program SPSS installed on your computer - this software download will be provided to you free of charge. I will send you the information you need in a Canvas message  - if you need help installing it, contact SUU IT at 435-865-8200

4. the book below - which we WILL be using for the class and lab.

White, L.H.  (2023). Statistics Straight Up: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Using Statistics. 2nd edition. New York, NY: Linus Learning.

5. time - between what you will be doing in and out of class, you should fully expect to spend 7 hours/week on this class (not including the lab). Why so much? Because learning statistics is like learning a new language. You need to immerse yourself almost daily to succeed. Rest assured, I will try and make this as fun and pain-free as possible!

Note: the 7 hours/week is actually less than the 9 hours per week expected from the Utah System of Higher Education and as outlined in SUU policy 6.26.

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Stay calm & don't freak out!

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