According to the World Health Organization, stress has reached epidemic proportions worldwide.  More and more people report feeling high levels of stress. Almost all illness and disease has a stress-related component and this is costing us billions of dollars annually. But did you know that there is now evidence that stress can only harm us if we believe stress is harmful?


The first purpose of this course is to provide you with a theoretical understanding of stress and stress management. We will use this foundation to learn, practice, and appreciate a number of stress management tools and techniques. On completion of this section of the course, you should be able to recognize symptoms of stress in yourself and in others, and have the resources necessary to cope effectively with stress.  

Stress and Pain 

Course Description and Objectives

The second purpose is related to a universal experience - pain. Ranging from unpleasant to downright agonizing, pain helps to keep us alive. But, sometimes things go wrong and pain no longer serves a purpose. It has become a "disease" in its own right.


The second purpose of the course is to provide you with a theoretical understanding of pain. We will approach pain using a psychobiological perspective, as pain is as much mental as it is physical. Once armed with this foundation, you will learn how to apply many of the techniques used for stress coping to alleviate pain. You will also learn about other techniques that are more "pain-specific" including drug therapy and the sensory modulation of pain. On completion of this section of the course, you will recognize how stress and pain interact. I hope that you will come to understand that both are not "inherently evil". They can co-exist and be effectively managed by you.