Team Project Assignments

Statistics Lab



Submit after you review your feedback from SPSS assignment 10.

At the bottom of this page, you will see which two continuous interval/ratio variables I want your team to correlate. You will run a Pearson Correlation on them to see if they are related to each other. 


Each team will create and submit two pptx slides: one slide with their correlation information (use EXCEL to create the scatterplot), and one slide for the relevant SPSS output with the numbers used hi-lighted. On the first slide, be sure to report the statistical results in correct APA format. Please see this sample pptx for what goes on the correlation slide.


FINALLY, add one more slide. Include the names of all the team members and whether they were present for the meeting. If present, indicate whether they were contributory or not.


Please let me know if you have any questions!



Military Tough:  Are suggestibility and pain time correlated?


Emotionally Intelligent:  Are introversion-extraversion and emotional IQ scores correlated?


Yuck! That's Gross: Are political ideology scores and reach in time correlated?


In the Eyes of the Beholder:  are perceived intelligence scores correlated with perceived warmth and caring scores?


Lost in Space:  Are percent correct scores and time to completion correlated?


Hairy Faces:  Are perceptions of warm & caring and trust correlated?

Tortoise & Hare:  Are reading time and I-spy scores correlated?


Army Soldiers
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