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Statistics Lab 

Attendance and Participation

Each weekly lab will have two parts: home activities and an in-person lab. 


For each home activity:

Digital Wellness Survey Analysis: You will learn how to use SPSS to analyze and interpret data from a "Digital Wellness Survey". You will watch a video and follow along by doing what I do in the video - using a data set I provide you with. It is essential that you have access to SPSS while watching the video. Once you complete the at-home activity you will submit the corresponding assignment. Each assignment will be submitted via a Canvas "quiz". I anticipate that most of you will finish this weekly at-home activity in one hour, on average. Regardless - make sure you complete each assignment by the due date because you will use what you learned for your team assignment. NOTE: these assignments must be completed by YOU, not your team. 

SOLO Analysis on the team project: Once you learn how to conduct a specific analysis on the digital wellness survey YOU will then run the same analysis on data from your team survey. You will submit this analysis on Canvas AND you will share it with your teammates in the following lab. Hopefully, you all got the same answers. If not, then I will help you during the lab to see who went wrong and where. These analyses are due the day before the lab. Your teammates rely on these. As such, no late submissions will be accepted regardless of the reason. Please see the "late stuff" policy in the syllabus for more details.

For each in-person lab:

You will work with your teammates to complete a team assignment on the survey your team chose. For team assignments 3-8, you will compare the results of the SOLO analyses you ran to insure you all arrived at the same answers. For these and most other team assignments, you will need to create a pptx slide and upload that slide to Canvas. Each team assignment that requires a submission will have one person designated as the "team leader". It is this person's responsibility to submit on time. If not, this person, and not the team, will be assessed a late fee. Please see the "late stuff" policy in the syllabus for more details.

Mandatory In-person Lab Attendance

To receive points on a team assignment, you must 1. be physically present in the lab, and 2. complete the SOLO analysis for that lab no later than the day before the lab. Please see the "late stuff" policy in the syllabus for what happens if you don't.

What about Zoom?

I do not use Zoom. However, you are welcome to ask your teammates to zoom you in. Note that this does not count as being "physically present".  As such, you will not receive attendance points, nor will this satisfy the attendance requirement for the lab. This might seem harsh but remember: you can use bonus points to drop 2 team assignments. That's 25% of the assignments. If you are missing more than this, you are not learning what you should - nor are you contributing to your team.

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