Statistics Lab

Missing and Late Work Policy

Due dates have been established to help you stay on track and discourage procrastination. But "life happens". Maybe you are sick, have a dentist appointment, or need a mental health day. The reason does not matter. I have a three-day grace period during which time you can submit something late. You will "pay" me 5% for each grace day you are late. After the grace period ends, so does your opportunity to submit. Want to erase late fees? Earn bonus points and cash them in for this "prize" at the end of the semester. 

What if I need more time beyonf the three-day grace period?

If you cannot submit something (other than a team assignment or the final team presentation) by the end of the grace period because of an unforeseen, unavoidable, and justifiable reason, you may contact me (via email) to request an extension. You will need to tell me which graded activity was or will be missed and why. Documentation may be required. IMPORTANT: requests for an extension must be made a soon as possible. Waiting too late might result in a request denial.

Unable to participate in a team assignment or the final team presentation

To receive points on a team assignment, you must be present in the lab. Similarly, you must be present for the team presentation at the end of the semester. If you miss one of these, you must document your reason and receive approval for accommodation. If you test positive for COVID or otherwise need to quarantine for COVID, you must complete the SUU COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form to receive an accommodation. If you are sick for other reasons, you will need to submit a doctor's note. Other reasons for an absence will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In the event an accommodation is approved, this will consist of giving you an extension to complete the missing team assignment on your own. There are only 7 teams assignments. No more than two team assignment accommodations will be given. If you miss the team presentation, you will be required to give the presentation on your own at a later date.


Digital wellness assignments must be submitted by 11:59 am the day they are due. This is necessary so that you come to the 12:00 pm lab well-prepared.