Statistics Lab

Missing and Late Work Policy

Due dates have been established to help you stay on track and discourage procrastination. But "life happens". I have a three-day grace period on everything except the extra credit assignment. You will "pay" me 5% for each grace day you are late. After the grace period ends, so does your opportunity to submit. Exceptions to this policy are very rare and need to be "exceptional".  But see below!

Get out of Jail Free Cards

Each of you will have 5 opportunities to submit anything (other than the extra credit assignment) during the 3-day grace period without incurring late fees. But there are three important things to note.


1.  You must email me (do not message me in Canvas) your desire to use one of your cards. Be sure to tell me which specific assignment you want to use it on.


2.  You must use your card before the end of the three day grace period. 


3. You cannot use more than 1 card on any given assignment or test.

get out of jail free.png