Stress and Pain 

Attendance and Participation


This class is best described as a hybrid. We will zoom in together for 30 minutes once a week on Thursdays from 10:00-10:30. Apart from this, there will be roughly 2 hours of pre-recorded material for you to watch on your own time each week.

Why do we need to meet at all? Because I want to get to know you as much as I can and I believe that meeting together will increase your involvement in the class. This will facilitate learning.

What if I miss a Thursday Zoom session?

This might cost you some points because I will post a quiz on what we discussed that day. These 30-minute zoom sessions will not be recorded. The good news is that I will drop your two lowest scores.

To prepare for each Monday and Thursday's Zoom

I will have a discussion board posted to Canvas for each of the zoom sessions. No later than the Monday before our Zoom session, you need to either 1) post a question (that has not already been posted) on the material we have covered thus far or 2) indicate that you will share a 1-2 minute story with the class - a story that is relevant to the material we are covering.

What if I don't post a question or my intent to share a story to the discussion board?

There will be 12 posting opportunities. I will drop your two lowest scores.