Continue working on the stress self-assessments.

Check due dates for RRR's and team project reports. 

Progress test 1 is Wednesday - Friday this week. Modules 1-4, research basics, and associated videos.

See the last slide of module 5. Know the answer for Monday - get extra credit if you do!!

Note:  the following teams will present from 2:45-3:45 

on July 3rd (room GC303):  ecotherapy, humor therapy, cognitive restructuring & reframing. The remaining teams will present on July 5th in our regular classroom and time.

Students who are not presenting on July 3rd are welcome to come to these presentations AND get extra credit!!

PROGRESS TEST 2 on modules 5-7 and epigenetics will be June 28, 29 and July 2

Week 3: June 18 - 22