Statistics Class

Week 3:  Jan 21-25

Quiz 4 has posted - due by 10 am Jan 22. Practice quiz questions 38 - end.


Read all of chapter 2 - don't worry, it's short :)


Quiz 5 has posted - due by 10 am Jan 24. Practice all quiz questions at the end of chapter 2.


Note correction to practice quiz question #6 "What two features distinguish a bar graph from a histogram"



Start working on class assignment #1 on tables and graphs. This is due Feb 1. Read all instructions, follow the video, and check the grading key before you submit.


Start reading chapter 3 pp. 45-51


Quiz 6 has posted - details are on the week 4 announcement page.



In this week's lab, we will work on SPSS assignment 2. We will learn how to create a frequency distribution and then measure the skew and kurtosis for the distribution. Look over this lab assignment BEFORE you come to the lab.



All teams - start/continue with data collection for your team projects.