Statistics Class


Week 16:  April 23 - 27

Click on the announcements for "Finals Week" for days and times for the class final and team presentations.

SPSS test is Mon-Thurs this week in the testing center. Set aside 2 hours to be safe. Do NOT wait til the last minute. Expect the testing center to be crazy buzy!

Progress Test 5 can either be taken in the testing center on Thurs. April 26, or on May 3 at the same time as the final exam. If taking it on May 3, bring 2 scantrons.

Quiz 26 has posted, due Tue April 24 at 10 am

Relevant quiz bank #s are 411, 413-449 (omit 448)

For Tuesday, read pp. 152-160

Quiz 27 has posted, due Thurs. April 26 at 10 am

Relevant quiz bank #s are  448, 450-479

For Thursday's Q and A, come with specific questions either from section 5 or anything from the previous sections.

I will be in the lab this Wed., 12:00-12:50 in case anyone needs lab help.

No office hour this Friday because of an HSS faculty retreat.