Statistics Class

Week 1: Jan 7 - 11

Tuesday: intro to Statistics. Start reading chapter 1

Quiz 1 has posted -due by 10:00 am Thursday. It is on the syllabus for the class and lab.


Thursday: Quiz 1 is due. Finish reading chapter 1 


read announcements for week 2


Please tell me your availability for a weekly team project meeting and your top 3 project choices by clicking here. This is due Fri. Jan 11


In this week's lab, we will learn how to find SPSS on SUU computers, the difference between data view and variable view windows, how to enter variables that are non-categorical (e.g. age) vs. categorical (e.g. sex) and how to toggle between seeing the numbers for the different categories vs the actual names of the different categories. Do not miss any labs! 


Take the class survey (click here) and have 2 other students take it (1 male, 1 female). Due Tuesday, Jan 15.