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Team Project Instructions



This assignment will increase your knowledge of the theoretical basis of a stress management technique, and its applications. It will help you to develop skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and information literacy. It will help you to appreciate and learn the value of effective teamwork.



Working in teams, students will prepare a 15-20 minute presentation on a technique listed on this page. Students should include; a thorough description of the technique including its theoretical/philosophical basis, the history of the technique, current use of the technique, and known strengths and weaknesses. If possible, students should arrange a class demonstration of the technique.  A well-crafted powerpoint presentation and a well-organized, clear, 1-page handout on the “need to knows” are required. Have enough copies so that everyone in the class will get one.

Additional Instructions: 


Complete the doodle poll here to tell me your top 3 choices.  Presentations will take place during the last 2 days of class. You should start working on the project as soon as your topic has been assigned.

At the end of the semester, each of you will need to submit a team evaluation form. On it, you will assess each of your teammates. The score you receive from your teammates will count for 5% of your grade. But, if you do not submit an evaluation form - your teamwork grade will be reduced to 0. 

Behavior Modification

Journal Writing

Expressive Art Therapy

Humor Therapy

Hatha Yoga

Music Therapy

Massage Therapy



I am calm and relaxed...

I am calm and relaxed...

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