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For those who qualify (see syllabus for qualification requirements), you can earn up to an additional 5% of your grade in the class (PSY3010) and /or lab (PSY3015) through extra credit. The different opportunities are:


1.  By doing well on the 6-7 dropped quizzes we take over the semester. I average them out of 5 and add them to your final grade in the class.


2.  By taking the extra credit vocabulary quizzes. There are 5 of them. For each quiz - answer all questions at least 3 times and on your last attempt, you need to score at least 75% for it to count for extra credit in the class.


3.  By attending and answering questions pertaining to presentations at the department symposium for fall classes (see form) or the University Festival of Excellence for spring classes (see form). Note that if you want extra credit for both class AND lab, you must attend different presentations for each, then complete and submit two separate forms (one to the class and one to the lab). In other words, no double-dipping.


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