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Research Design

Stats Proficiency Exam

What is the Stats Proficiency Exam?
Why do I need to take it?

This is a take home multiple choice exam to assess your understanding of basic terminology, concepts, and procedures in descriptive and inferential statistics. A summary of concepts is HERE.

The material taught in research design builds off of what you learned in Statistics and its accompanying lab. You have likely forgotten some of what you once knew. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to re-teach statistics AND teach all that there is to know in research design. The expectation is that, with a bit of review and preparation, what you learned in stats will come back to you. You will then be able to successfully incorporate this knowledge and skills into the present course on research design.

How do I prepare for it?

I have provided two documents: stats review material and glossary of terms. Knowing this material inside and out should be more than adequate. However, if you require more detailed explanations, you should read the relevant sections of Statistics Straight Up: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Using Statistics  (see syllabus). If this is still not adequate, you may visit me during office hours. I may also arrange for a peer tutor if several of you are struggling.

Open book/notes, but.....

Even though this is a take home exam and you can use whatever material you wish (other than another person), you will discover that unless you understand it, you will likely not do well on the test.

Where and when do I take it?

This test is taken at home on your own. You may take the exam twice, between week 2 and week 6. However, you may not take the exam more than once in any given week. I will count your last score. 

Once you take the test, I will let you know your score. However, I will not tell you which questions you got right and wrong. I want you to review all the material again before the second attempt. This will maximize your understanding of the material.

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