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Brain and Behavior Human Lab 4

Effect of viewing social media on EDA

In Lab 4, you will divide into three equal groups. One group will test in GC008 computer lab, one in GC310b, and one in 009a.

Participants: SUU students you know and who have agreed to participate. All must be at least 18 years old and not on any medication (prescription or otherwise, birth control is ok). 

Materials:  a demographic questionnaire, a mood question, a social media questionnaire, Biopack MP36 biofeedback machine, BSL pro 4.1 biofeedback software, EDA sensors, and gel. I will provide you with t

Procedure:  A summary of the procedure is here

EDA measurements: You will calculate the mean SC levels for the last minute of baseline, mean SC levels for the social media condition, and the mean SC levels for the condition. I will provide a data record sheet for you to enter this information.

I will statistically analyze the data and provide the results to the team presenting this project to the class during finals week.


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