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Self Assessments

For this project, you will take 10 inventories that measure various traits, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors. You will use the results to get a picture of how you cope with stress.  You will also identify your strengths and weaknesses that make you more or less prone to stress-related disease and illness.

This project will take time! Please watch the video guide on this assignment within the first two weeks of the class - else you might find yourself stressing later!

Hassles & Uplifts
Overall Well-being
Well-being by Dimension

Some of these links will take you to an excel file Simply open it up so you can take the assessment. Be sure to read all instructions carefully. Some of these excel files will have mutiple tabs to click on.

Locus of Control
Social Readjustment Rating Scale
Type A vs. Type B Personality
Aggression Questionnaire
Ways of Coping
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