Statistics Class
Segment Quizzes & Fog i.d.

To prepare for each studio class, you will need to watch a number of "video segments" at home (or wherever). These are pre-recorded lectures. Alternatively, you can read the corresponding pages in your book. Personally, I would try to do both. Regardless, after each video segment, you will take a short, multiple-choice quiz (usually 2-3 questions). Unlike studio quizzes, they do not factor into your grade BUT for every correct answer, you will earn a bonus point that can be redeemed at the end of the semester for one of many rewards.  

After watching/reading all the required segments listed on the schedule, you will take a "fog i.d." quiz. Here, you will identify the material that confused you the most. These also do not factor into your grade BUT if you provide a clear and specific answer, you will earn two bonus points. The fog i.d. responses will allow me to explain the "foggy" material during the following studio class.  

Because I need time to wade through the fog before we meet, segment quizzes and fog i.d. are due by 8:00 pm the day before our next studio class. These cannot be turned in late.