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Statistics Class
Segment Quizzes & Fog i.d.

To prepare for each studio class, you will need to watch a number of "video segments" at home (or wherever). These are pre-recorded lectures that closely follow the pages in your book. If you really want to excel in the class, you should read the corresponding pages either before or after watching the video. Regardless, after each video segment, you will take a short, multiple-choice quiz (usually 2-3 questions). Unlike studio quizzes, they do not factor into your grade BUT for every correct answer, you will earn a bonus point that can be redeemed at the end of the semester for one of many rewards.  

After watching/reading all the required segments listed on the schedule, you will take a "fog i.d." quiz. Here, you will identify the material that confused or challenged you the most. These also do not factor into your grade BUT they will help me identify where the class is struggling so I can address this in the following class. You also earn 1 bonus point for each fog i.d. quiz you submit. 

Because segment quizzes and fog i.d. quizzes do not count towards your grade, they cannot be turned in late or made up. Note: You should ALWAYS take segment quizzes before they close - even if you have to guess. If you don't take the quiz, you will not be able to access it later to study from.

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