Seek and Answer Questions

1.  What are some examples of sex and race (or sex and ethnic) health disparities in the United States? 


2.  What effect does perceived control have on health?


3.  What are the positive effects of eustress?


4.  What effect does exercise have on your lymphatic system?

5.  What plays a greater role in CHD, sugar or saturated fats?


6.  Is Cannabidiol (CBD) treatment for pain safe and effective?

7.  What is metabolic syndrome and how can it be prevented/treated?

8.  What effect does blue light emitted from digital screens have on the human brain?

9.  Do vaccinations cause autism?

10.  "No pain, no gain" fact or fiction?

11.  Are omega-3 supplements a safe and effective way to lower cholesterol?

12.  What role does music have on wellbeing?

13.  What are the biggest predictors of risk-taking behavior?

14.  What effect does discrimination have on wellbeing?

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