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Brain and Behavior

Show and Tell

You will work with your pod to complete 5 "show and tells". Four of the topics will be assigned to you - the last one will be decided by your pod. You will be given time in class to research and put together a slide presentation. However, you will need to invest some time outside of class. The "show and tells" are not meant to be an exhaustive review of the topic. Rather, they are intended to be a collection of "Fun Facts" with some evidence to back them up. You will have 8 minutes to present your key findings to the class with 2 minutes for Q and A. After you present, one member of each pod will need to upload a pdf of the slides to Canvas.



Go to SUU's library website and use Ebsco host to search for articles. Be sure to select the option for "scholarly-peer reviewed". If you find a source somewhere else, you must verify that it is peer-reviewed. The librarians will help you if you are not sure how to do this, or see me.

library search.JPG


You need to tell people where you got your information from. If everything on a given slide comes from the same article, then you can include a brief citation for the article in the corner of the slide (e.g. Smith & Jones, 2020). If the information on a slide comes from several articles, then include a brief citation beside each bit of information. You should make the font size for the brief citation smaller than the main text as this should not be the focus of your presentation. The last slide of your presentation will be your APA-formatted reference list. Put the articles in alphabetical order and remove any hyperlinks. Make sure you know how to cite and create a reference list in APA format and style. 

One common error people make is with how they write DOIs. Specifically, they include the SUU library info in the DOI address. This is not correct because anyone who is outside of the SUU community will not be able to access the link. See the incorrect and correct ways to write DOIs below. Make sure to get them correct on your SARA slide :)  





Click on the tab "Help Referencing APA Style" - located below. You can also use the Scribbr app.


50 points content

30 points slide aesthetics

20 points individual presentation score

Content:  Your score here will be based on Quantity and Quality. If you include too few or too many - this is not good. I cannot specify a number of "fun facts" for you, because this depends on how "digestable" the facts are. If your fun facts are easy to understand, include more. If they are more complicated, include fewer. In terms on quality, the fun facts should come from peer-reviewed sources AND you need to include an explanation of the evidence that supports each fun fact. Use brief citations (e.g. Jones & Batton, 2012) on the slides where studies are discussed. Include an APA formatted Reference slide at the end.

Aesthetics:  People do judge a book by its cover.  Your slide template should have an eye-catching theme. Use of images are strongly encouraged. Use only arial or calibri font (slide titles can have a different font if the font size is large). The color of your text MUST contrast really well with the background underneath. Use short but descriptive bullet points. Do not include quotes. Do not include a lot of info on any given slide. Use more slides instead. Make sure all the content in your slides is visible from a distance.

Individual Presentation Score:  Given that each person will only present for about 2 minutes, do not use any notes. The slides themselves will remind you of what you want to say. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly - project your voice. Be animated! If you are monitone and lifeless, this will put your audience to sleep. Concersely, if you are excited about what you found - your audience will reflect this excitement back. Last but not least - know your stuff. If you don't, this will probably show.  



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