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Seek and Answer Extra Credit

You will need to answer each question using two sources. Use the Seek & Answer Form to upload your responses.


The first is a "layman's" source. These are sources that pretty much anyone would have access to - and require little to no specialized training or knowledge (beyond high school) to understand.


The second is a "peer-reviewed" source. To find these, log into the SUU library website and use EbscoHost. If you require help using EbscoHost, visit one of the SUU librarians. 


Google tips: try just typing in the question. Also, select sites that are truly geared toward the layperson. Avoid  sites. But note! These sites can give you great clues as to the keywords you might try using in an EbscoHost search.


EbscoHost tips:   "OR" will broaden the search and give you more hits.  "AND" will narrow the search and give you fewer hits. Don't forget to select "scholarly - peer reviewed" and "linked full text" before running the search.


What changes in oxytocin occur (if any) in women with postpartum depression and/or after menopause?


What is Cannabidiol (CBD) and what effect does it have on the brain?  


What is Cannabidiol (CBD) used for and is it safe?


Has the concentration of THC in marijuana increased over the last few decades?

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