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Research Design Lab

Research Participant Pool

The Psychology Department’s Research Participant Pool (RPP) benefits participants and investigators alike. Participants have the responsibility to show up on time, take the experiment seriously, and give honest responses. As the investigator, you have responsibilities too. Please adhere to the policies and procedures below. This will help make the experience rewarding for everyone.


Scheduling Time Slots


Before you schedule time slots, you must a. reserve the testing room, and b. make sure these times do not conflict with those scheduled by your teammates. Enter time slots very carefully. It’s easy to make a mistake.

Canceling Time Slots

You may cancel time slots if necessary. However, canceling a time slot that is already booked is highly discouraged and should only be done under exceptional circumstances.

Participant No-Shows

If a participant fails to show up, you must record this. Be sure to note the date and time of the appointment.

Investigator No-Shows

You are required to test at the time and place specified on the portal. The only thing worse than the participant not showing up is you not showing up.

Testing Participants not Scheduled through the Portal

You are encouraged to invite would-be participants from the hallways when you have unscheduled time slots. However, you must ask them first if they are a PSY 1010 student doing this for course credit. If they say yes – STOP!  Have them run to the nearest computer and sign up through the research portal. This is necessary in order to grant them research credit.

Crediting Participation

It is your responsibility to grant credit to each person who showed up. You must also indicate whether the participant was an unexcused no-show or an excused no-show. This must be done in a timely fashion.


You will have access to participants’ names and emails. This is protected information and must not be shared with anyone other than the research team, the PSY 1010 course instructor, and the RPP administrators. You must NOT use the participants’ email for any reason unrelated to their participation in this particular research project. Any violation to this policy may result in disciplinary action at the department, college, and/or university level.


Should any problems or questions arise, please contact me ASAP. Waiting tends to make a small problem worse.

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