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Studio Class Activities

Like other disciplines, we know what we think we know through research. Thousands and thousands of articles describing empirical research have contributed to stress and pain, which in turn has allowed us to help others. You can contribute to this process by participating in one or more ongoing studies below. Note that only one will count as a "class activity" for which you will submit a class activity form - but should you decide to participate in more - thank you!!

Regardless of which survey you take, I will know that you participated because you will be redirected to a second survey where you will enter your name. Importantly, I will not know which data is yours. 


For the activity "quiz" you will be asked about the variables in the study and how the findings of the study (assuming we find some relationship among the variables) might contribute to what we know about stress and pain. You might want to write down some of the variables as you take the survey. After you complete the survey, put your thinking cap on!

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