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Complete the R-R-R submission form for each of the assigned papers below. Note that there are word limits for certain fields. Make sure you adhere to them! 

WARNING! A TA will read these. He/she is required to keep everything confidential - but you may wish to omit information which is highly personal.

Reading List

RRR1: "Stress, Health, and Illness - Future Challenges" download the pdf from this link
RRR2:  Functions of Loneliness, Social Support, Health Behaviors, and Stress in Association with Poor Health. To find this article, go to   Then click on the “research” tab, followed by “articles and journals”. This will take you to a list of data bases. Find and click on the database called “medline”. You are now in EBSCOhost. Copy and paste the title of the article in the first field box. This will take you to a list of articles… the first of which is the one with this same title. Click on the “pdf full text” and now you have the article!

RRR7:  Psychology of Pain

            To get this article, go to the SUU library website and click on "Research" and then select "Articles and Journals".
             Next, select "Academic Search Premier" database. In the
first field box, type in (using quotes) "The Psychology
             of Pain". Select the 2009 Scientific American article written by the author "Fields"


RRR8:  Modern Theories of Chronic Pain

            Please note - you need to read pages 1-5 (see tabs at the bottom of each page). Unfortunately, there are many
             ads throughout. I suggest you click on the printer icon at the top of each page to see the ad-free print friendly
             view. You can even save these as pdf's


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