Public Health Message and Awareness Campaign

Goal: use what you will learn about health behaviors and behavior modification to create a public health message and awareness campaign on a health behavior you are passionate about. Important! The behavior you wish to promote must be approved first. To learn about Public Health Campaigns and how to put one together, visit this website and others like it. Yours will be a little different from most in that you will not be asking for money or organizing public events. Your campaign will be centered on raising awareness, encouraging change, suggesting techniques for change, and providing resources for people who want more information.

This is a multi-phase project.

In phase 1, you will submit your plan. This will include; a clear message about the behavior you are promoting, a mini-literature review on the behavior so that you can a) identify variables that are influencing the behavior, b) the ways in which the behavior enhances well-being, and c) ways of changing it. You will use the Behavior Change Wheel (COM) model to further understand reasons for the behavior or lack of it. Your plan will also include who your targeted audience is, information on local, regional, and national resources to help people change or engage in this behavior, and locations where you will distribute your message.

DO NOT PROCEED TO PHASE 2 until I have reviewed your plan and provided you with the official green light.

In phase 2, you will create your campaign. This means you will create a website for your campaign (there are freebies out there, e.g., create a flier for dissemination, and create a poster for dissemination





DO NOT PROCEED TO PHASE 3 until I have reviewed your campaign and deemed it worthy

In phase 3: To get an A in this project, the campaign must be very high quality such that I give you the go-ahead to (with campus official approval) put up posters around campus and disseminate fliers. You will set up a "manned" table in the Sharwan Smith Center for 2 hours. If the Sharwan Smith Center is not the ideal venue, we will figure out what is and arrange for you to disseminate your materials there. You will receive full points for phase 3 if you complete these tasks.


If at some point in the future you modify your campaign to include information I have not seen and approved, monetary requests, and/or public events/activities, you alone will assume full responsibility and liability associated with these decisions. This is also true if you distribute fliers and/or posters in places and times without my expressed written consent. Sorry for the "legal ease" but it is important.

Is this Project Right for Me?

This project requires certain skills or at least a willingness to learn these skills on your own. You will need to learn/know how to;


create a simple website

create a poster using pptx

create a flier (this can be a tri-fold or just 1 page)

create a QR code (this is actually easy)


To advance to phase 3, you must have a very high quality product and be willing to interact with the public for 2 hours. You can stop after phase 2, but the most you can score on the project is a B+

Note: You can print out a reasonable number of fliers in the department without charge. I will try to get the department to cover the cost of posters as well. If this is not possible, you will need to find other sources of funding or pay for posters yourself. But, you will only need about 10, so the cost will likely be less than $20 for 12x18 at the SUU copy shop. 

If you are successful and actually carry out the campaign, think how amazing this will look on a resume or CV!!