Brain and Behavior Animal Lab

Team Project Presentations

You and your team will present your project to the Brain and Behavior class (PSY 4510) during the final exam period. The presentation should be 10-15 minutes long. Each member of the team must contribute equally to the project and the presentation.

Presentation Requirements

1.  Use a dynamite pptx template. Avoid drab colors and be sure to include pictures and clip art. Use a font size that is easy to read and include minimal text on each slide.

2. After your title slide, include a background slide. Here you summarize the results of 3 peer reviewed papers. I have given you one (see the Readings page for the lab). You find two more (1 human and 1 animal).

3. Include a "Our Project" slide to explain what your project was about and what hypothesis were tested.

4. Include a Materials slide and a Procedures slide

5. Include a Results slide - I will help you analyze and interpret your data BUT you must have your data to me no later than the Friday before the last week of classes. I will provide you with the numbers you need to graph your results.

6. Include a Summary, Limitations, and Future Research slide.