Statistics Class

Progress Tests

Each progress test will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions.  A test bank of questions for each test is on Canvas so you can practice taking them there. 75% of the questions on each test will come directly from the test bank:  25% of the questions will be new. 


Each test will be administered at the testing center. Once there, you will be directed to a computer. You will log into Canvas and the staff will give you an access code to open up the test. 

Progress tests may not be taken early. Please note: you must show up with a scantron at least 1 hour before closing, or the testing center will not let you take it. Bring a photo i.d.  Their hours are posted on their SUU webpage.


I will give you 3 week days to take a test. This will be followed by a 3-day grace period when tests can be taken late. Test answers are released once the 3-day grace period has ended.