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Statistics Class

Progress Tests

Each progress test will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions.  A test bank of questions for each test is on Canvas so you can practice taking them there. 75% of the questions on each test will come directly from the test bank:  25% of the questions will be new. 


Each test will be administered at the testing center. Once there, you will be directed to a computer. You will log into Canvas and the staff will give you an access code to open up the test. 

Progress tests may not be taken early. Please note: you must show up at least 1 hour before closing, or the testing center will not let you take it. Bring a photo i.d.  Test center hours are posted on their SUU webpage.


I will give you 3 week days to take a test. This will be followed by a 3-day grace period when tests can be taken late (also at the testing center). Please remember that regardless of the reason you are taking a test late, 5% will be deducted from your score for each day - so try not to be late!  If this is unavoidable, you can always buy a late fee eraser at the end of the semester!


Scores will be released upon completion of the test, but not the answers. Students wishing to review their test will need to meet with me or the TA.

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