Statistics Class

Progress Tests

Each progress test will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions.  A test bank of questions for each test will be emailed to you. The test banks are also on Canvas so you can practice taking them there. 75% of the questions on each test will come directly from the test bank:  25% of the questions will be new. 


Each test will be administered on Canvas using Proctorio. If you prefer and if the SUU testing center is open, you may take it there. Because this requires advance scheduling, you must inform me at least 5 days before the start date of the test.


Progress tests may not be taken early.  You will have 3 consecutive school days to take a test.  If you are taking the test at the testing center, you must show up with a scantron at least 1 hour before closing, or the testing center will not let you take it. Bring a photo i.d.  Their hours are posted on their SUU webpage.


Tests grades are released once the 3-day grace period for taking the test has ended.