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If your statistical plan has been approved, you will now generate some fabricated (but realistic) data -  data which we will pretend you collected from your study. You will then analyze and interpret this data using your statistical plan and SPSS. If you need help using SPSS, the department has a copy of the beginning and intermediate SPSS manuals I wrote. You can sign them out for short periods of time. Still lost? Come and see me. Submit this assignment using the form posted to this page. But first,  check out the example of what is is expected for this assignment. 


Research Design Lab

Practice Data Analysis and



The following resources will help you with this assignment:

A statistics review - see the pages describing the tests you need to run

Writing the results section - see the pages describing the tests you need to run

Last but not least ... me!  I am happy to meet with you to provide help... but do not wait until the last minute.

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