Team Project Powerpoint


Statistics Lab

This is your "lab final".  You will present the results of your project to the class in a 6-8 minute powerpoint presentation.  Essentially, you will assemble all 7 of your team assignments into the presentation to tell a story. You will need to include: descriptive statistics, one t-test, 1 ANOVA, 1 correlation, and 1 chi square. These are the minimum requirements. Doing more could get you bonus points... I hope you will set the bar high for yourselves!

Make SURE you review the feedback I gave you on each team assignment - if there were errors, you need to correct them for the final.  Also, make SURE you review the example on this page. You will learn what to do, what not to do, and the expectations I have. Finally, make SURE you check out the grading key for this final presentation. It's essentially a checklist - you can verify that you've done everything you can to excel on the final.


do's and dont's
powerpoint tips and tricks
grading key
powerpoint presentation