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Video Segment Quizzes

We will cover a total of 10 modules over the course of the semester. There will be pre-recorded "video segments" within each module, totaling (approximately) 27 hours. After each video segment is completed you will take a very short, multiple choice segment quiz. These multiple choice quizzes are open media. This means you can use anything you like to help you with the quiz (e.g. my slides or video) just NOT another person. You can take a quiz after the due date, but the "mandatory late fee" of 5% daily applies. This means if you are more than 20 days late, you will not receive credit for that quiz.

Please be advised. These quizzes are not team projects! Sharing answers is considered cheating and this will be dealt with very strictly according to SUU policy.

Athough the pre-recorded video segments are on this website, you can also watch them on Canvas. To do this, simply go to Canvas and click on the quiz that corresponds to the module and segment number that you need to watch. 

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