Health Psychology
Discussion Posts & Quizzes

Weekly Posts

I have a discussion board posted to Canvas for each of our zoom sessions. No later than the Friday before our next Wednesday meeting, you need to either:

1) post a question (that has not already been posted) on the material we have covered to date


2) indicate that you will share a 1-2 minute story with the class - a story that is relevant to the material we are covering.

There will be 12 posting opportunities, but you only need to do 10 (i.e. I will drop 2).

Weekly Quizzes on the Posts

Barring some unforeseen circumstance, I will put up a quiz every Wednesday. Each quiz will be on the material we talked about that day over zoom. These synchronous meetings will be recorded. But I cannot promise that there won't be any technical difficulties - so you should really try to attend in real-time. Unlike posts, I will count all 12 discussion quizzes.

Quizzes on the Course Modules

We will cover a total of 11 topic-modules over the course of the semester. There will be pre-recorded "videos" on each topic, totaling approximately 26 hours. After each module is completed, there will be a 3-day window for you to take a quiz on the module. These quizzes are open notes, and you are more than welcome to look back at the video as you take the quiz. But please note that there will be a 5-hour cut-off for each quiz. If you know your stuff, each quiz should take you about 10 minutes.