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Statistics Class : Pod teaching

Over the course of the semester, you will belong to three different "pods" (groups of 3-4 classmates).  During a studio class, you will work with your pod on problems, studio quizzes, studio assignments, and games.

At the beginning of each studio class, one member of each pod will take about 5 minutes to teach and explain a stats topic to their pod. The topic must be one that was covered in the video segments listed on the schedule. Please come prepared! This teaching activity does not factor into your grade but it will earn you additional bonus points that can be redeemed for rewards at the end of the semester.

What if I miss a day when I was scheduled to teach the pod?

If you are absent the day you are scheduled to teach OR you arrive late, you will (obviously) not receive your bonus points for being the teacher. I will try and reschedule you for another time. However, I cannot guarantee that the lost opportunity will be made up. 

If you are in a pod and the teacher is absent, I will ask for a volunteer from the pod to assume that role. This person will then receive the teach-the-pod bonus points.

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