Health Psychology Pod Reflections

Material that is reflected on is processed more deeply - which means it is more likely to be remembered. A "pod leader" will be designated to lead their pod in a 5-minute reflection at the beginning of each studio class. 

What and how do we "reflect" on?


The pod leader chooses the topic for the reflection, but the reflections must be based on the video lectures assigned for that class period. To start a pod reflection, pod leaders should, first a foremost, come prepared!

1. Before coming to class, identify one or two specific facts/findings/theories from the assigned video lectures that you found particulary interesting .


2. Share this with your podmates and explain to them why you found it/them so interesting. Take about 1 min.

3.  Ask each member of the pod for their thoughts on the matter. Do they agree or disagree with what you said and why? Do they have a personal experience to share that illustrates what you shared with them? Maybe someone can suggest a new application for the information you shared? Each pod member takes about 1 minute to contribute something to the reflection.

4.  Once the reflection period is over, the pod leader will give a brief, one-minute summary of the pod reflection to the rest of the class. I will try to contribute additional information to each summary and invite other pods to do the same.

5.  The pod leader for the next studio class is identified and this information is shared with me before the end of the class.


Freaked out? Terrified? I am pretty sure you are not alone. Take comfort in that I am not looking for "earth shattering" revelations. I don't care if you get tongue-tied and nothing "comes out right".  We all have days like this. What is important is that you think and talk about what you are learning. We will become more comfortable with each other as the semester progresses. This will get easier - and hopefully really, REALLY fun!

What if someone in the pod has nothing to say?


I am hoping that this never happens. However, if it happens only once or twice, no biggie. If it happens consistently - and I will know because I will be watching and listening - I will meet with the student to understand the reason for their silence and explore ways to rectify the issue(s). If there is no improvement, then the student may lose 1 point from their attendance score each day they remain non-contributory.


What if miss a class where I was supposed to be the pod leader?


Obviously, you will not receive any pod leader points for that class. I do try and balance out the number of times each student leads a pod, but I cannot gaurantee that your missed opportunity can be made up.  As for the other pod members, if one of them wants to step up and courageously assume the leadership role, they will get the pod leader points. If no one wants to do this, then they will join another pod that day.