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Statistics Lab

Prereqs & Reqs

Pre-requisites:  PSY1010 with a grade of C or higher. PSY2010 must be taken before or at the same time you take this lab.

Co-requisites:  PSY3010

Just like a photographer needs a camera and an artist needs a paintbrush - you will need:

1. a computer (desktop or laptop) with decent memory so that you can run several programs at once such as: excel, Canvas, and SPSS (see below).


2. a reliable internet connection

3. the program SPSS installed on your computer - this software download will be provided to you free of charge. I will send you the information you need in a Canvas announcement. If you need help installing it, contact SUU IT at 435-865-8200

4. the book below - which we WILL be using for the class and lab.

White, L.H.  (2023). Statistics Straight Up: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Using Statistics, 2nd ed. New York, NY: Linus Learning.

5. time - between lab time and homework, you should fully expect to spend 3 hours/week on this lab (not including the class). Why so much? Because most of you will be learning a new program called SPSS. It will be slow going at first, but once you become familiar with it, things will go faster for you. Nevertheless, you should allow plenty of computer time in your schedule.


Note: this time requirement is consistent with the University's expectation that students spend at least 2 hours working outside of class (or lab in this case) for every hour in class. As such, a one-credit lab equates to 3 hours of work each week - on average.  

Both myself and the stats intern are here to help you! Just note that we won't do the assignments for you. You will learn nothing if we did. 
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