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Missing and Late Work

Due dates have been established to help you stay on track and discourage procrastination. But "life happens". Maybe you are sick, have a dentist appointment, or need a mental health day. The reason does not matter. I have a three-day grace period on everything except segment quizzes, fog i.d. quizzes, pod teaching, and the final exam. For the remaining activities, you will "pay" me 5% for each day you are late, regardless of the reason. After the grace period ends, so does your opportunity to submit.

Want to erase late fees? Earn bonus points and you can redeem them at the end of the semester for rewards - one of which is a late fee eraser! This eraser can be used on everything that has a late submission grace period (studio quizzes, studio assignments, progress tests, and summaries from the department's research symposium in the fall or SUU's festival of excellence in the spring).


all due date are posted to Canvas
make sure you track them!

What if I need more time beyond the grace period?

If you cannot submit something by the end of the grace period because of an unforeseen, unavoidable, and justifiable reason, you may contact me (via email or a direct Canvas message) to request an extension. You will need to tell me which eligible activity was or will be missed and why. Documentation may be required. IMPORTANT: requests for an extension must be made a soon as possible. Waiting too late might result in a request denial. Also, you will still incur late fees - but these will be capped at 15%. Remember, you can always erase them later using bonus points. 

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