Statistics Class

Missing and Late Work

Due dates have been established to help you stay on track and discourage procrastination. But "life happens". I have a three-day grace period on everything except segment and studio quizzes. You will "pay" me 5% for each grace day you are late. After the grace period ends, so does your opportunity to submit. BUT see the special circumstances below.

Want to erase late fees? Earn reward points and you can redeem them at the end of the semester for prizes - one of which is a late fee eraser!


Deadline Extensions

If you miss a deadline because of an unforeseen and unavoidable reason, you may contact me (via email) to request an extension. You will need to tell me which graded activity was or will be missed and why. If granted, accommodations will be made without requiring documentation unless a) you have already made 5 such requests or b) the graded activity is worth 15% or more of your grade in the class.  IMPORTANT: requests for an extension must be made a soon as possible. Waiting too late might result in a request denial. Also note that once the answers for an assignment or test have been shared with the class, an extension will not be granted.