Statistics Lab Schedule

The schedule below needs to be followed very closely to keep you safely on track. I strongly suggest you print it out and keep a copy where you can easily see it.


The date every assignment is due is listed on the schedule. You can turn in an assignment up to three days late. This is what I call the "grace period". Note, however, you will pay me a 5% "late fee" for each day late. 

To avoid a late fee, you can use one of your "get out of jail free" cards. To do this, email me. Let me know which assignment you want to use it on (be specific). You must do this before the end of the grace period. Everyone starts out with 5 cards. Use them wisely!

Note: Please feel free to submit assignments before the due date. For example, SOLO assignment 6 is "due" April 28th, but you can submit it as early as April 21st if you wish to be done sooner. 

lab schedule 1.JPG
lab schedule 2.JPG