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Brain and Behavior Human Lab 2


Meeting location: GC 310b at 3:00 pm sharp


     1.  review of EEG required reading and videos

     2.  EEG setup and recording demonstration using one student

     3.  review project description and instructions

     4.  review equipment cleaning & maintenance requirements

     5.  adjourn

Project Description:  Does digital and analog music affect emotions and EEG correlates in the same way? We will find out by comparing EEG activity (specifically frontal alpha (8–13 Hz) asymmetry) for the two conditions. Each time, the subject will hear a song played through headphones connected to the music source via an aux cable. The music source (CD player vs vinyl record player) will be behind them so that they will not know what the source is. The same song will be played twice, counterbalanced for order among the different subjects. Emotional responses will be assessed through a self-report questionnaire.


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