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Gain vs Loss Frame Messages Project

We might not realize it, but we are exposed to health related messages all the time: eat this, don't eat that, exercise more, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't do other drugs, get a breast exam, check your prostate, etc... These messages are seen and heard through different mediums: radio, TV, internet, fliers and billboards, newspapers and magazines. 


For this project, you will pay attention to these advertisements. Seek them out if you need to. You will need to have at least 10. For each one, you need to describe the message, the medium it used (e.g. radio, TV etc), details related to where you saw it (e.g. what TV/radio station, URL etc), and whether it used a gain frame approach, a loss frame approach, both, or neither. Last but not least, you will summarize your findings. Is there one approach (gain, loss, both, neither) used more than another? Does the approach used seem to depend on the medium or the specific health behavior?


This project will take some time - plan accordingly! Use the form below and upload it to Canvas when completed.



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