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Statistics Class : Glossary quizzes

To understand and use statistics, you MUST know the vocabulary. To help you, I have created glossary quizzes in Canvas. They contain the same words and definitions that are in your book. There is a glossary at the beginning of each chapter. In Canvas, there are 5 glossary quizzes. Each corresponds to a progress test:

glossary quiz on chapters 1-4       -->   Progress Test 1
glossary quiz on chapters 5-6       -->   Progress Test 2
glossary quiz on chapter 7             -->   Progress Test 3
glossary quiz on chapters 8-10     -->   Progress Test 4
glossary quiz on chapters 11-12   -->   Progress Test 5

To encourage you to take these quizzes, I will reward you with bonus points. However, there are some "rules" :)

Each quiz must be taken at least 3x (there are unlimited attempts) BEFORE the first day of the corresponding progress test. 

The number of bonus points you receive will be based on the mean of your 3 attempts - calculated on the day the progress test opens. Once your mean score is determined, this will be converted to a score out of 20. So, it is possible to receive 100 bonus points from taking all 5 quizzes.


Note: you can continue to take the glossary quizzes until the end of the semester. The more you take these glossary quizzes, the better you will be able to "speak" stats.

A heads up and a tip!

Canvas will "accept" only certain and specific answers. For example, if the correct answer is "sample" and you type in "Sample", you will be marked wrong. Frustrating to be sure! To avoid this, I have created a list of the glossary terms as they appear in your book. When taking a glossary quiz in Canvas, type in the word(s) exactly as they appear in this list.

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