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FlipGrid Posts

As what I hope will be a fun way to share information and ideas, I will have you submit 7 FlipGrid posts throughout the semester. 

FlipGrid is a way to share very short (1 minute) vlogs where you will answer a different prompt each week. FlipGrid has been embedded into Canvas and you can create the vlog on a PC, laptop, phone - pretty much anything with a camera. If it's not intuitively obvious, there are a lot of youtube videos out there showing students how to use it. 


Some Important Things to Note:

1. Most FlipGrid posts do not require much preparation. However, a few will have you do something small in advance to prepare. To see the prompts, simply go to Canvas and click on the FlipGrid assignment. I have left video prompts for each.

2.  Please keep your vlogs respectful and use nothing more than PG13 content. The same goes for when you are commenting on other people's vlogs. And the expectation is that we will look at each other's vlogs. 

3.  For those of you who may be camera-shy, you can re-record your vlog as many times as necessary until you get it just right.

4.  There are 7 FlipGrid assignments. Each vlog is worth 3 points: so-so (1)  good (2)  way-to-go! (3)

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