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April 2, 2019

1. attend two presentations - poster or oral, or a mix of the two

2. complete and submit the F.O.E. form no later than Friday that same week

In the form and for each of the two presentations/posters, you will be asked to: 


     a) provide the title of the talk or poster

     b) summarize what the talk/poster was about and what they found

     c) reflect on how their findings relate to specific theories, facts, findings etc...
         that we have been talking about in your class with me.

         Statistics students!  For part c of the form, you will need to include the
         name of one statistical test they used. Identify the IV (and levels), the DV
         (and scale), and the name of the test. Indicate if the test was significant
         and what their conclusion was. If it was significant, be sure to specify the
         direction of the effect. This might be easier to do by visiting posters rather
         than attending talks.

3.  If you are taking more than one class from me, you will need to attend
     different talks/posters for extra credit (no double dipping)

4.  You can earn up to 5% extra credit added on to your final grade in the class.

     Just attending two and successfully completing the form earns you 3%. To
     get 4 or 5% requires you to do a good or excellent job, respectively.

As per course policy, a student may not earn more than 5% of their final grade through all sources of extra credit combined.

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