Brain and Behavior

Bonus Points and Rewards

Earning bonus points

Class attendance         

5 points per class, 4 points if tardy           95 points possible                      

Module quizzes
1 point for each correct answer             140 points possible (approx)

Redeeming bonus points for rewards

Erase a late fee (except for module quizzes)             50 points

Drop a module quiz                                                    100 points

Increase your 15 SARA quiz score by 5%                 100 points
Increase your video/POD quiz scores by 5%            100 points

Increase SARA pptx presentation by 5%                  100 points

Terms and Conditions

1.  Bonus points cannot increase a grade beyond 100%

2.  There is no limit on how many late fees you can erase
3.  Rewards can only be used once on a given assignment. For example, you cannot erase a late fee on your SARA presentation and then increase the grade by 5%  

4  You can only drop one module quiz

5.  Please do not ask me to figure out which actions will maximize your final grade. I am lousy at math.

6.  To redeem bonus points, you must complete the Canvas assignment "Redeeming Bonus Points" by the last day of finals. Once redeemed, the action cannot be undone.