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Statistics Lab 

Extra Credit

To receive extra credit (as much as 5% added on to your final grade in the lab) you will need to create a powerpoint presentation to summarize our findings from the COVID rights and restrictions survey. You will not need to orally present the pptx. This pptx must be submitted no later than the Friday of finals week. Sorry, but you cannot use a "get out of jail free" card on this one.

You will need to include the following slides:


purpose of the study 

materials (the nature of the survey and the main variables of interest)


basic demographics of the sample

t-test results with graph

one-way ANOVA results with graph

chi-square test results with table

correlation results with graph


The slides need to be "big, bold, and beautiful". Do not include too much text on a slide - short bullet points work better. Use pleasing colors, a plain font (like Arial or Calibri),  and large font sizes. Increase visual appeal with clipart and photos. Make sure that when you write out the results of a statistical test, they are written in APA format. 

This might seem like a lot of work for 5%, but keep in mind that you will have already conducted all the required statistical tests as part of the lab assignments. Make sure you check all the feedback we gave you on these assignments so that you do not report incorrect information in the pptx.

For those of you wishing to do the extra credit, I will review your pptx (as much as you've done so far) as long as it is emailed to me before April 12. If you don't do this, that's okay. I just won't be able to "pre-view" it before the official submission.

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