Segment quizzes

     1 point for each correct answer                       200 points possible (approx)

     Studio class attendance               

     5 points for each full class attended                135 points possible


Erase a late fee                                                      10 points
Drop a segment quiz                                             10 points

Increase class activity grade by 10%                   50 points

Increase stress intervention phase 1 by 10%     50 points

Increase stress intervention phase 2 by 10%     50 points
Increase SARA project grade by 10%                  75 points

Increase self-assessment project by 10%          100 points

Terms and Conditions


1.  There is no limit on how many late fees you can erase

2.  The maximum number of segment quizzes you can drop is 50% of the total number of quizzes
3.  Grade increases can only be used once on a given assignment. For example, you cannot increase
    your class activity grade by 20% by redeeming 100 points

4.  Please do not ask me to figure out which actions will maximize your final grade. There are only so many hours in a day. 

5.  I must receive written instructions from you, telling me how you would like to redeem your points. This must be submitted by the last day of finals. Once redeemed, the action cannot be undone.