Statistics Class Daily schedule

The schedule below needs to be followed very closely to keep you safely on track. I strongly suggest you print it out and keep a copy where you can easily see it.


Each quiz must be completed by 10:00 am on the day it's listed as I will be reviewing it during our 10:00 zoom meeting. Each quiz covers the material outlined on the day that precedes it. 

Each progress test is listed on the schedule. This is the day it opens up on Canvas. Progress tests must be complete by the end of the day on Friday to avoid "late fees". You can take a progress test Saturday, Sunday, or Monday - however, you will be assessed a 5% "late fee" for each day during this "grace period". 

If you need or want to take a progress test during its grace period and avoid the late fee, simply email me to request that I apply one of your "get out of jail free" cards. You have 5 of them. Use them wisely!

class schedule 1.JPG