Statistics Class

Week 9:  March 4 - 9

Quiz 16 has posted - due by 10 am March 5. Do quiz questions 18-24  in chapter 7. For Tuesday's class read chapter 7 up to but not including "A tale of two alphas" p. 144


Quiz 17 has posted - due by 10 am March 7. Do quiz questions 25-36. For Thursday's class read the rest of chapter 7.


Quiz 18 has posted. See week 10 for details.


Assignment 4 for the class is due March 25. Be sure to do the practice problems first.


Heads up! Progress test 3 (on chapter 7) will be the week after spring break - March 21 through March 25. 


In this week's lab we will....

work on SPSS assignment 8: two way mixed ANOVA

This is a VERY important lab! Your SPSS test will be a 2 way mixed ANOVA. Read the need to knows and look over the assignment before coming to the lab.