Statistics Class

Week 8:  Feb 25 - March 1


Quiz 14 has posted - due by 10 am Feb 26. Do all remaining chapter 6 quiz questions. Read chapter 7, up to the end of discovering type I and type II errors on page 135 - for Tuesday's class.

Quiz 15 has posted - due by 10 am Feb 28. Do chapter 7 quiz questions #1 - 17.

Quiz 16 has posted - see week 9 for details.


Progress test 2 on chapters 5 and 6 will be at the testing center this Monday through Wednesday.


In this week's lab, we will learn how to conduct and interpret a one-way independent and repeated ANOVA. Please read the "need to knows" for SPSS assignment 7 before you come to the lab.


Start working on team assignment 4 on t-test. See the team assignment 4 web page for complete details. Be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully!